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Inaugural Computer Science Honor Society Induction

On September 22, 2023, Mullen High School joined a limited number of schools in Colorado to have a Computer Science Honor Society on campus. We inducted our first group of students into the new Mullen Computer Science Honor Society during lunch in the Sister Brendan Memorial Garden.  We have a total of 24 students who qualified this fall. While we are excited for this inaugural class, we expect tremendous grown each year moving forward.  
Society leaders presented each new member with a certificate, a pin, and other society swag (and most importantly donuts).  The members took the Society pledge together to solidify their membership in the society.  

There are now only three other schools in the state maintaining their CS honor societies.  (Rock Canyon, Fossil Ridge, & STEM School Highlands Ranch).
Student Leadership (2023-2024 School Year) 
Jacqueline Magolske - President
Michael Gifford - Vice President
Jonathan Alexander - Secretary
Ben Hollingsworth - Treasurer

Purpose of the Society
The Mullen Computer Science Honor Society aims to foster a nurturing environment for academic excellence in computer science. These students have been honored for their outstanding academic performance, enthusiasm for the subject, and commitment to community service within this discipline.

Core Values
The society is built on three fundamental values:
  1. Equity: Recognizing that every student has the potential to grow and excel in computing.
  2. Service: Encouraging members to be ambassadors for the field of computer science, emphasizing its significance in both the school and the broader community.
  3. Excellence: Upholding a high standard of academic achievement in computer science courses.
For a detailed understanding of the society's mission and structure, you can review the society's bylaws here.